Art Is Everywhere: How to Really Look at Things


Art Is Everywhere: How to Really Look at Things, 2016

There are wonders and beauties all around us, but do we really see them?

My passion for taking photos of cities –scratches, marks, posters and other objects – led to a two-day workshop, with participants invited to explore with new eyes, and to document their findings with photographs.

This book is the result of that experience.

Each photo carries a story, revealing the unexpected in everyday life in various cities. This illustrated book acts as a kind of toolkit to enable us to decode the world around us in completely fresh ways.

This book wants to inspire you to use art as a lens through which to view our familiar surroundings, altering our expectations of everyday objects and truly blurring the boundary between what is framed and what is not.

Art_is_Everywhere_2 Art_is_Everywhere_inside

You can find more details about the book here.

Concept, text and design: Lorenzo Servi alias SerraGlia
Editing and proofreading: Helen Nodding
Published by: BIS Publishers

Publication date: April, 2016
Language: English
Dimensions: 220 x 145 mm
Pages: 112
Binding: Paperback

ISBN 978 90 6369 418 0

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