Art Is Everywhere
(limited edition book)

Art Is Everywhere (limited edition book), 2012

A series of illustrated writings on the relationship between Art, Architecture and Life.

Everything is a sign and everything constitutes a message. Whether we are aware of it or not, whether we do it intentionally or not, we all constantly receive and send messages.
Who is an artist? What is the point of contemporary art?

This book explores the hidden meanings (and some forgotten ones) of what it means nowadays to make art.

Although the book is divided into chapters, it has no beginning or end. You can open it at random and read only two pages because they already make complete sense.
Words and images have been treated the same way, merged into one, to make reading more dense and complete as possible.


pages: 40
dimensions: 13×20 cm
paper: 90g/m2 cream-colored text paper
4-color covers, B&W text and images.
ISBN: 978-952-67490-1-3
edition: limited edition of 100 copies numbered by hand (50 in Italian + 50 in english)

The book is sold out, but a spin-off from this book has been released now!