Art Manifesto


Architecture is an art of communication and cities represent the greatest form of human expression. A city is not only a place to live and do things, but it is also a place where we constantly receive suggestions and messages that lead us to think and imagine.
Due to inertia and habit, our eyes often end up passively scanning the urban environment and, paradoxically, not really looking. This makes a city a place of unnoticed messages. The starting point for my work is to analyze these visual messages and suggestions by questioning how we can look and interpret them.


I seek to criticize our built environment, to make people wonder and ask questions, inspiring them to search for meanings by showing alternative points of view of our “reality”.
Through my work, I aim to shake the viewer’s gaze from its everyday fog: this is the first condition for improving people’s quality of life.


Using my educational and professional background in architecture, my projects are always the result of a logical and rational process: rather than taking photographs, I design photographs.

By merging digitally created images and photographs, I aim to reveal hidden narratives or perspectives that often go unnoticed, offering viewers a fresh understanding of our urban environment.

My work is at the edge of two domains: digitally created images (fiction) and photographs (reality): this allows me to communicate what others don’t see.