SerraGlia is the alias of an Italian visual artist* designer based in Helsinki, Finland.

Using art as a medium for conveying ideas and questioning the meaning of art itself, he seeks to shake the viewer’s gaze from its everyday fog.



SerraGlia [ˈsɛʀɑ jɑː]
Architect, visual artist* designer.
Born 1979, Italy
Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland (2009 to the present)

SerraGlia is the alias of the Italian architect and visual artist* designer, Lorenzo Servi (born 1979).

Through painting graffiti, SerraGlia first discovered cities and their untapped visual environment. Having finished a master’s in architecture (2008, University of Florence), he focused his interest on the intersection of digital photography and graphic design. In 2010 he founded LUMART, an architectural visualization studio based in Helsinki.

Parallel to his commissioned works, SerraGlia is constantly researching and analysing issues in everyday life and built environments, and using them as the basis for creating self-initiated projects documented through photography, video and publications. His projects sit between the domains of reality and fiction.

SerraGlia aims to shake the viewer’s gaze from its everyday fog: to make people wonder, to ask questions and to inspire them to search for meanings, and to show alternative points of view of our “reality”.

Member of
MUU artists’ association, Finland
The Union of Artist Photographers, Finland
Grafia – Association of Visual Communication Designers in Finland

VISEK, Centre for the Promotion of Visual Art
TAIKE, The Arts Promotion Centre Finland

PIG Magazine N. 34 (interview in Italian)
Wired UK
World Architects

A complete portfolio/CV is available on request.


* I am very uncomfortable with calling myself an artist because I believe it is qualitative and not just a simple title.