Art Is Everywhere



There are wonders and beauties all around us, but do we really see them?

In 2005, I did a street performance in Florence that featured a white canvas with a light grey sentence reading, “Art Is Everywhere”, temporarily exhibited on the streets.

The aim of the project was to create a temporary visual emptiness: a necessary condition for opening people’s eyes so that they could see the interesting layers of scratches, marks, old posters and parts of the city that normally remain unnoticed by many.

Within a few years, my passion for taking photos of cities –scratches, marks, posters and other objects – led to a workshop, with participants invited to explore with new eyes, and to document their findings with photographs.

This book is the result of that experience, to forget the challenge of defining Art but understand it as a trigger for new and different interpretations of what already surrounds us.

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Concept, text and design: Lorenzo Servi alias SerraGlia
Editing and proofreading: Helen Nodding
Published by: BIS Publishers

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