Secret Stories


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I have been living in Finland since 2009 but my knowledge of Finnish language is still very limited. Although English is widely spoken, I find myself often in unclear and incomprehensible situations.

Looking for visual clues to get a better understanding, I have began to observe people and interpret their gestures more often. Thus is born “Secret stories”, a series of seven short films (each running about one minute) where people have been unknowingly filmed in ordinary situations. Subtitles have been added in order to make visible the dialogues and thoughts that would otherwise remain misunderstood or unrevealed.

However, this series is not only about revealing imagined and paradoxical stories but it also invites us to observe our everyday life with curiosity and imagination: because beautiful stories can happen anytime, especially when we least expect them.

The seven short films will be projected on one screen and played in loop with background music.

↑ Tomorrow


↑ Astronaut


All videos HD 1280×720 PAL VIDEO, 25 Fps. Edition of 3


MUU Gallery Studio, 27.11. – 17.12.2017 (Helsinki, Finland)
MUU Gala, 9 – 21 November 2020 (Helsinki, Finland)


The videos that can be seen on the internet are only a part of the series.