City Wonders: Helsinki

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↑ Exhibition view


There are wonders and beauty all around us, but do we really see it?
“City Wonders: Helsinki” is a photo-series of objects, colours, shapes, and parts of the urban landscape that normally go unnoticed. Each image carries a story, revealing the unexpected in everyday life in Helsinki.

Truly blurring the boundary between what is framed and what is not, the exhibition invites the viewers to explore the city with new eyes, to visit and observe the city from an alternative, more curious point of view.


↑ Exhibition view

↑ Exhibition view


The Finnish Museum of Photography, Project Space 24.8. – 29.10.2017 (Helsinki, Finland)


The images that can be seen on the internet are only a part of the series.


The catalogue has been published on the occasion of the exhibition.
Available at Other Editions, look inside here.