City Walk Workshop



During the workshop, participants are invited to explore the city with new eyes, completing small assignments and documenting their findings with photographs.
This workshop aims to create an alternative guide to a city by highlighting objects, colors, shapes, and parts of the urban landscape that normally go unnoticed.

In addition to photographing interesting urban findings during the walk, the photos will be viewed and discussed together with the group.

Past Workshops

Sep 13, 2017. The Finnish Museum of Photography hosted “Instagram walk: City Wonders”. The workshop was part of Helsinki Design Week.

Aug 16-17, 2012. A 2-days “Art Is Everywhere: workshop” has been held at Helsinki Summer School for 27 international students from ‘Design and the City‘ course.

Jan 24, 2007. Workshop hosted by G.A.I. (Young Italian Artists), during the festival “Rotte Metropolitane” (Urban Routes), Florence, Italy.


The workshop is suitable for all abilities and all ages starting from 14+. If would like more information please contact me here.

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