Wrapped Wonders

Photo series,

Wrapped Wonders
2. 24.9.2023

Erottajankatu 9 (courtyard),


The exhibition “Wrapped Wonders” showcases a series of AI-generated images inspired by covered objects found in our streetscape.

In the real world, we often encounter covered objects, such as a motorcycle under plastic or a temporarily closed bus stop. During these moments, our curiosity leads us to imagine what lies beneath. But what about covered objects that don’t exist in reality? Can we truly find a rational explanation for what they could be? How can a mere silhouette influence our understanding of an object?

Our city, along with technology, is in a constant state of evolution. “Wrapped Wonders” encourages you to reflect on how new technology (AI) can reshape our understanding of reality and photography itself. Can these images expand our expectations and imagination of what we can encounter in the city?

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More images to come.