In-Contro, Spontaneity and Planning

Photo series,

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Architecture is usually the result of a planning process that involves a combination of art and science. For the pedestrians the façade is the most visible result of this process.

The warehouses offer an interesting point of view of the design process because they are often showing an unbalanced combination based under a rational and economic choice. Therefore the façades look spontaneous and flat.
Plants and trees are able to grow in a variety of environmental conditions. In nature they grow without a precise order and pattern. On the other hand, in the cities the position of plants and trees is often planned with a limited variety of species in specific areas. This is why it is very rare to find spontaneously growing plants in an built environment.

“In-contro” (in English, incontro = to meet, contro = against) is a series of seven images from the industrial area of Kalasatama, close to the city centre of Helsinki, where spontaneity and planning are meeting in a built environment.



All images Digital C-print, 50 x 70 cm, edition of 7 + 2 AP


The images that can be seen on the internet are only a part of the series.