What are NFTs?

Here you can browse and purchase my NFT artworks in limited digital editions.

Most are exclusively digital, and a few are available in both digital and physical format.

Please note: for now, I will not release any new NTFs.

City Walks,

What would Marcel Duchamp do today?
City Walks is an in-progress collection of animated photographs made during my daily walks. Here I am experimenting and giving new meanings to found urban objects.

Art in Quarantine,

Because I am in quarantine for 12 days and can’t go out, I have decided instead to explore my archive of old magazines and booklets.

By combining social media’s language (GIFs and memes) with found images, with this series, I want to explore new relationships between image, text, and meanings with what quarantine feels like.

The collection consists of 12 unique animated collages, editions of 1.